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The strangest insurance claims of 2021

The strangest insurance claims of 2021

Insurance offers peace of mind for many scenarios. Some of the coverage options may include protection for unexpected or unusual situations. The possibilities for damage to your personal possessions, such as your home or car, are endless and if the incident is covered under your policy, you can file some unusual insurance claims.

Funny claims

  1. Teeth Marks on Your Car: Farmers Insurance has shared some of the unusual car insurance claims they've received. One example is a hunter whose car was left with teeth marks from horses that were attracted to the scent of car wax and attempted to eat the metal.
  2. Curly Fries in the Engine: Another strange claim from Farmers Insurance involved a woman who accidentally dropped curly fries on her driveway, which were later found in her car's engine by a mechanic. The fries were likely dragged there by a mouse.
  3. Personal Peril: Some claims can be unusual and unexpected, such as a case where a policyholder shot their own truck and had to file a claim with their comprehensive car insurance policy. These types of claims demonstrate that insurance can cover a wide range of incidents.
  4. The Most Unusual Insurance Claims on iPhones: With the widespread use of cell phones, iPhones have been subjected to some unusual damages. From being blown up by a fireworks technician to being stolen by seagulls, insurance claims for iPhones can be quite strange.
  5. Flying Trampolines: In high winds, homeowners and car insurance policies may both apply. There have been reports of trampolines flying and causing damage to another person's property. It's an unusual but possible scenario that can make for some funny insurance claims.
  6. Plane Crashes: Homeowners insurance can also cover unexpected incidents such as a plane crash. In 2020, a man's home was damaged by a plane crash but thankfully no one was hurt. It's an improbable but true claim that highlights the broad coverage of homeowners insurance.

Get Coverage for the Everyday and the Unforeseen

While we hope to never find ourselves in the situation of having to file a claim for damage caused by cows or invisible cars, accidents can happen and it's important to be prepared. Luna can provide coverage for both common and unusual scenarios, whether you need homeowners or car insurance.

With Luna's online platform, you can compare quotes and speak with knowledgeable insurance agents to understand your options. With Luna, you'll have the support you need even if you ever find yourself with an unusual insurance claim.